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Our Team

Meet the Team

Without team of dedicated and diligent individuals, it is never possible to achieve synergy to make efforts successful.
We have professional, hard-working and high skilled team specialize in responsive web design services and brand promotion. Responsive website design and development specialist over 10+ Years of experience in creative corporate and business web design, web development, digital marketing, e-commerce website design and development and innovative corporate branding services. We are committed to continuously improving our service to meet the expectations and requirements of our clients around the globe.
DEEPTI GUPTA- Managing Director
DEEPTI GUPTA- Managing Director
NITIN SWAROOP- Founder & Director
NITIN SWAROOP- Founder & Director
I'm a digipreneur with more than a decade of experience in helping, training & assisting new or existing entrepreneurs to thrive in today's evolving online Marketplace.


CA Atul Gupta
CA Atul Gupta- Chartered Accountant
Nikita Gupta
Nikita Gupta- Company Secretary
Nitin- Business Development
Himani Gupta
Himani Gupta- HR
Amit Kumar
Amit Kumar- Graphics Designer
Yash Raghav
Yash Raghav- Office Assistant
Syed Shujayat
Syed Shujayat- UI/UX Designer (F)
Yusuf Abidin
Yusuf Abidin- Website Designer (F)
Sahil Kareem
Sahil Kareem- Web Developer (F)
 Tarajeet Singh
Tarajeet Singh- Website Designer (F)
Vishnu K Gupta
Vishnu K Gupta- Content Writer (F)